Physics (Group-1) (3300004)


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Unit – 2 Force and Motion click here
Unit – 3 General properties of matter click here
Unit – 4 Heat Transfer click here
Unit – 5 Waves and Sound click here
Unit – 6 Light and Nanotechnology click here
Unit – 7 Radioactivity click here


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  1. Vernier Caliper (Part-1) – Construction , Least Count using Animation , IIT-JEE Physics Classes.mp4
  2. Stress, Strain, and Elasticity (Part 1).mp4
  3. Types of Stress.mp4
  4. Vernier Caliper (Part-3)- Measurements and Calculations using Animation, IIT-JEE physics classes.mp4
  5. Screw Gauge (Part-1) – Construction & Least Count using Animation, IIT-JEE physics classes.mp4
  6. What is Viscosity_.mp4
  7. Newton’s 3 (three) Laws of Motion.mp4
  8. Newton’s First and Second Laws.mp4
  9. Radioactivity and Radiation.mp4
  10. Vernier Calipers (Part-4)- Solving JEE Main 2015 Problem, IIT-JEE physics classes.mp4
  11. Radioactive Decay Law Time Lapse – Nuclear Decay Law Fastest Calculation.mp4
  12. Total Internal Reflection.mp4
  13. reflection refraction and diffraction.mp4
  14. Dispersion Of White Light.mp4
  16. Polarization of light.mp4
  17. Interference.mp4
  18. Interference and Diffraction.mp4
  19. Screw Gauge (Part-2) – Zero Error (Positive and Negative) using Animation, IIT-JEE physics classes.mp4
  20. Elasticity, Plasticity, Elastic_Plastic Body, Stress and strain,Deforming force,Restoring force..mp4
  21. Screw Gauge (Part-4) – Solving JEE 2016 Question Step by Step, IIT-JEE physics classes.mp4
  22. Vernier Caliper (Part-2)- Zero Error through Animation, IIT-JEE physics classes.mp4
  24. Different Modes of Heat Transfer.mp4
  25. Screw Gauge (Part-3) – Measurements and Calculations using Animation, IIT-JEE physics classes (1).mp4